Closure DIN18 with spatula
Closure 1.4m with spatula (GL18)
Child resistant cap 1.4 CRC (Ø28mm)
Screw cap PP28
Closure 1.4d cone (Ø28mm)
Closure PP28 with TE
Closure 1.4d (Ø28mm)
Closure DIN18
Closure 1.4m (GL18)
Closure 1.4k (GL18)
Screw cap 12mm
Closure 1.4v (Ø12mm)
Screw cap 20mm
Closure 1.1a (B) (Ø20mm)
Screw cap 20mm
Closure 1.1a (Ø20mm)
Closure 1.3 (Ø16mm)
Screw cap 20mm
Closure 1.1 (Ø20mm)

Production of screw closures

The screw closures are one of the most popular varieties of closures for screw bottles. Closures for pharmaceutical containers are made of high-pressure polyethylene, low pressure polyethylene and other polymers that are allowed to be used for medical needs. Farmmash LLC manufactures closures on modern equipment using twisting technology. Due to this, the thread ensures reliable fixation of the closure and sealing of the neck, and excludes the possibility of spontaneous unscrewing.


Types of closures

The screw closures are compatible with containers made of various materials, in particular, PET, glass. They can be single-component and multi-component, differ in design features and diameters of the neck. We produce 3 types of screw closures:

  • without tamper-evident function;
  • with tamper-evident function;
  • with tamper-evident and child-resistant function.


Closures without tamper-evident function

The simplest variety of screw closure products are single-component closures. Some models ensure sealing of bottles without additional closure products, while other models are intended for using together with closures, droppers. Farmmash LLC offers 5 models of closures without tamper-evident function:

  • 1.4v, for the neck with a diameter of 12 mm;
  • 1.3 – for the neck with a diameter of 16 mm, can be used with the stopper, horizontal dropper;
  • 1.1 can be complemented by stoppers 2.1 and 2.1a;
  • 1.1a(B) is intended for using with dropper 2.2А(B);
  • 1.1a is equipped with a sealing ring that provides sealing without closures.

All closures of the 1.1 standard  are intended for sealing the 20 mm neck.



Tamper-evident closures

Single-component and multi-component products, the mandatory element of which is the temper-evident ring. The ring is connected to the closure at several points, an effort should be applied to destroy this connection, thus, protection against accidental opening and unauthorized opening is provided. The undamaged connection is a confirmation of the authenticity of the drug and the fact that the primary packaging was not opened. We offer screw closures for the necks of various standards complemented by various accessories:

  • For the bottleneck that meet DIN 168, GL18 — closure 1.4m (can be completed with a sealing cone, foam liner and spatula), as well as 1.4 k, single-component, can be complemented by droppers;
  • For the neck that meet DIN 6094, PP 28 – multi-component closures (with the ring and liner) 1.4d and 1.4d cone . They are compatible with the SD-20 dosing cup.


Child resistant closures

Multi-component screw closure products of the CRC type (child resistant closures or child proof closure) consist of 4 parts:

  • closure;
  • tamper evident ring;
  • cap;
  • liner


The cap is manufactured of HDPE, the ring is made of LDPE, the cap is made of polypropylene, liner is made of polyethylene foam (as a standard version, other versions are possible). Child resistant caps (CRC) can be unscrewed only after pressing on them, such design eliminates the random opening of the containers with drugs by the child. The protective mechanism meets the GOST and international standards. We offer 1.4 CRC closures for the neck with a diameter of 28 mm, and we plan to begin manufacturing products for the neck that meet DIN 168, GL18 in 2021.  In the standard version, they can be completed with plugs of type 2.5 –  a  press-in bottle adapter or adapter for a dosing syringe. On order, it is possible to enter changes in the closure design that allows to complement it with other types of closing and dosing products. In addition, the closure is compatible with the SD-15 measuring cup.


Wholesale of screw closures manufactured by Farmmash LLC

Farmmash LLC offers wholesale batches of screw closures for containers for pharmaceutical packaging at the price of the manufacturer. You can choose one of standard configuration options or order products complemented by the customer’s request. The enterprise’s quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2015, and production is carried out under conditions of clean room as per Class ISO 7. We guarantee excellent sealing characteristics of closures and their compliance with the requirements for packaging for pharmaceutical products, as well as uninterrupted deliveries of batches of any volume. To place an individual order, obtain information about prices and consultation on other issues, use the form available on the web-site or contact us by phone or e-mail.

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