Screw-on bottle 30ml 18/415
Bottle Fr4-30 (neck 18/415)
Screw-on bottle 10ml 18/415
Bottle Fr4-15 (neck 18/415)
Screw-on bottle 10ml 18/415
Bottle Fr4-10 (neck 18/415)
Squeeze nasal spray bottle 30ml
Spray bottle Fs2-30
Squeeze nasal spray bottle 20ml
Spray bottle Fs2-20
Dropper bottle 5 and 10ml
Eye dropper bottle Fk2-10
Dropper bottle 5ml
Eye dropper bottle Fk2-5
Dropper bottle 30ml
Dropper bottle Fk-30
Dropper bottle 15ml
Dropper bottle Fk-15
Dropper bottle 10ml
Dropper bottle Fk-10

Production of polymer bottles


Farmmash LLC offers a large range of polymer bottles for pharmaceutical products. They are made of polymers, the use of which is allowed in the pharmaceutical industry. Bottles can also be used as packaging for cosmetics, hygienic agents. Our company entered production of bottles from high-quality polymer raw materials (low and high density polyethylene, polypropylene) using modern technologies.

Various types of bottles are manufactured by  injection moulding or injection blow moulding. The use of new manufacturing equipment of well-known brands and primary raw materials allows guaranteeing high quality products. Additional advantages of Farmmash LLC are compliance of production conditions with modern international standards:

  • The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001-2015;
  • The technology for the production in the conditions of “clean rooms” of class ISO 7 has been introduced.

Types of bottles

Plastic (polymeric) bottles are one of the most common varieties of containers for liquid dosage forms. Materials, from which they are manufactured, have a number of advantages:

  • light weight;
  • unbreakable;
  • inert in relation to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food products;
  • affordable.

We produce 3 types of bottles — screw-neck bottles, dropper bottles and spray bottles, each of these types has its own design features and functional purpose.


Screw-neck HDPE bottles

On the neck of such bottles, there is threaded section for fixation of dispenser pumps. Screw neck bottles are compatible with dispenser pumps of a laryngeal, nasal and lateral type for horizontal and vertical spraying of drugs. 3 models of Fr4 bottles with a nominal volume of 10, 15 and 30 ml are produced. They differ in height, the diameter of the bottom, but they have the same neck of 18/415 standard.


Dropper bottles

Dropper bottles (Db) are indented specifically for drip dosing of liquid dosage forms. This is a composite packaging that consists of 3 parts:

  • Bottle made of LDPE (low density polyethylene), HDPE (high density polyethylene), PP (polypropylene), natural- or white-colored, bottles of various colors can be manufactured on order;
  • Dropper plug made of LDPE;
  • Temper evident closure made of HDPE, can be manufactured in various colors.

The injection blow moulding method of manufacturing allows dimensioning the neck diameter and ensuring the alignment of the neck axis and the bottle axis. Due to this, the bottles are stable, do not overturn during their transportation by the conveyor, and the dropper is hermetically adjacent to the neck. Containers are ready for filling with pharmaceutical products, do not need washing. Dropper bottles differ in their design and volumes:

  • Fk1 – 10, 15 and 30 ml;
  • Fk2 – 5 and 10 ml.

Spray bottles

Spray bottles (Sb) are also intended for liquids, their design provides spraying of pharmaceutical products by pressing the center of the bottle. Each product is completed with the dispenser and closure, 20 ml bottles have the regular closure, while 30 ml bottles have the temper evident closure.


Wholesale of polymer bottles manufactured by Farmmash LLC

Farmmash LLC carries out wholesale deliveries of convenient, functional polymer bottles of various designs and volumes at the affordable price. Among our regular customers are the leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and pharmacy cosmetics. At the customer’s option, it is possible to manufacture products from polymers that comply with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and/or FDA. By default, the bottles are packaged in double polyethylene packages. It is possible to pack products in packaging providing for subsequent radiation sterilization or in packages for gas sterilization.

Bottles and accessories (droppers, dispensers, closures) are supplied in boxes, large-scale parties are supplied on pallets. At the site, there is a feedback form that can be used for requesting additional information, clarifying the current prices for products. You can also contact our managers by phone, mail or email.

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