Horizontal dropper
Dropper 2.2a SP1
Nasal Dosing Spray pump 100mcl
Dosing spray pump 100mсl
Closure DIN18 with spatula
Closure 1.4m with spatula (GL18)
Horizontal Dropper 18mm
Dropper 2.2e
HDPE Container PP28 75ml
Container Kp4-75
Container snap-on 45ml with TE closure
Container Kp5-45
Pipette with screw cap DIN18
Pipette 6.2
Screw-on bottle 30ml 18/415
Bottle Fr4-30 (neck 18/415)
Screw-on bottle 10ml 18/415
Bottle Fr4-15 (neck 18/415)
Screw-on bottle 10ml 18/415
Bottle Fr4-10 (neck 18/415)
Squeeze nasal spray bottle 30ml
Spray bottle Fs2-30
Squeeze nasal spray bottle 20ml
Spray bottle Fs2-20
Dropper bottle 5 and 10ml
Eye dropper bottle Fk2-10
Dropper bottle 5ml
Eye dropper bottle Fk2-5
Dropper bottle 30ml
Dropper bottle Fk-30
Dropper bottle 15ml
Dropper bottle Fk-15

Production of packaging for pharmaceutical products

Production of packaging for the pharmaceutical industry is one of the priorities of our company’s activities. Products made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE) are manufactured on the injection moulding machines by moulding and extrusion-blow-moulding machine by blowing out; manufacturing workshops are equipped with modern equipment of the Engel and Arburg brands. Materials that are used for the manufacture of pharmacological packaging comply with the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We established the supply of raw materials from global manufacturers of polymers (LyondelBasel, Sabic, MOLGroup and others). The company introduced the technology of production under clean room condition of Class ISO7, where, the size and number in the cubic meter of particles, such as dust, microorganisms, aerosol particles and chemical vapors are maintained within the certain specified range in the air. The quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001-2015.


Packaging for pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical packaging is the collective name for individual and group containers for pharmaceutical products, means of closure and auxiliary products. We produce individual consumer packaging from polymers that directly contacts the pharmaceutical product. It is intended for storing medicines, protecting against external influences and ensuring convenient use. High-quality packaging prevents loss of the drug mass because of evaporation, weathering, volatilization, pollution, reduction of therapeutic qualities of the pharmaceutical product due to moisturizing, oxidation.


Range of products


Our company manufactures packaging, closure and dosing products for the pharmaceutical industry. The packaging products include:

  • Polymer containers and bottles with a volume from 5 ml to 75 ml with the neck for the screw cap and snap-on cap;
  • Spray bottles for spraying liquid dosage forms are equipped with the sprayer and temper evident closure;
  • Dropper bottles allow dispensing the desired volume of liquid preparations, the dosage of which is expressed in drops.

Conventional and special capping products include:

  • The screw caps for polymer and glass bottles, containers, including models with the spatula and child-resistant models. Closure thread that is made based on the twisting technology ensures the sealing of the bottle and eliminates spontaneous unscrewing;
  • Stoppers and inserts that increase the reliability and functionality of closure, and some products (adapters, spouts) that ensure easy use of packaging;
  • Bottlepack closures (BFS Spike Caps) equipped with the needle that is located on their inner side and is used for piercing with subsequent sealing of Blow-Fill-Seal bottles;
  • droppers of horizontal and vertical types are inserts into the bottles with necks of various standards for drip dosing of liquid medicines;
  • Spray pumps for metered-dose spraying of nasal, oral, eye and other types of pharmaceutical products.
  • Pipettes for convenient instillation of the drug without additional devices. There are 3 versions of polypropylene or glass pipettes:
  1. Pipette integrated with the closure
  2. Pipette integrated with the closure and the tube for ensuring convenient storage separately from the pharmaceutical product.
  3. Pipette without a closure in an individual PP package
  • Dosing products are graduated spoons and cups that help accurately measure the desired volume of the drug.

Basic requirements for packaging for pharmaceutical products

The packaging for pharmaceutical products manufactured by our company complies with the requirements applicable to such products:

  • Preservation of the drug and its properties, impermeability for moisture, water vapor, air, and microorganisms;
  • Chemical inertness in relation to the drug;
  • Compliance with hygiene requirements, manufacturing from materials allowed for using in the health sector;
  • Availability of functions that improve convenience and safety of use — dosing, tamper-evident function, child resistance;
  • Reliable, tight closure;
  • Ergonomic shape and aesthetic appearance.

How to get a consultation on packaging for pharmaceutical products?

In addition to the products presented in the catalog, we manufacture products on the individual order. The own design department and tool workshop allows manufacturing dropper closures for the pharmaceutical product of the customer with the required dosage. It is possible to select materials for the manufacture of packaging to meet the customer’s requirements (to ensure compliance with European and/or American standards). Packaging of bottles can be carried out by the customer’s choice in packages for gas or radiation sterilization.

For more information, consultations, placement of individual orders, fill in the Contract Form on the site and wait for the manager’s call. You can also contact us by phone or email.

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