Food packaging

Closure 38mm
Closure with TE K38 (Ø38mm)
Snap-on cap
Single-component cap (neck Ø29/20)
Edible oil closure
Edible oil closure (Ø29/20)
Doypack spout
Doypack spout 1.2

Production of packaging for food products


Materials (HDPE, LDPE) that are used for manufacturing food quality products are food contact materials that are intended for contacting with food products.


The main food grade products are:

  • two-component closures with the tear-off membrane for the neck of the 29/21 standard.

Despite the fact that it is a two-component closure, this closure consists of three main elements: the lock, the membrane and the screw closure. The lock ensures reliable fastening of the product on the neck of the bottle and tightness, the membrane ensures temper evident function, the closure ensures repeated closure during use. Two-component design of the product allows painting each of the components in a different color that ensures easy awareness of the product on the shelf. Another feature of this product is the possibility to apply the customer’s logo on the closure.

The main product, for the closure of which this closure is used, is sunflower oil in 1l bottles or bottles for other vegetable oils.

  • spouts with the temper evident closure for Doypack packages.

This product also consists of two components: a sprout that is soldered into the Doypack package and the temper evident screw closure. Our tool bay can make sealing jaws for the packing line on the client’s order.

This form of closure is most often used for packing mayonnaise, ketchups, various sauces, and condensed milk.

  • the temper evident screw closures with a diameter of 38 mm

Single-component screw cap with a diameter of 38 mm is often used for capping bottles and PE and LDPE containers for dairy products, juices, or other liquids.

  • one-component closure with a temper evident ring for the neck the 29/21 standard

The design of this closure provided for tear-off band with temper-evident function. This closure is most often solution for bottles for vinegar.


How to get a consultation on packaging for food products?

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